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How California REALLY Works



If you're a female vicitm of crime, you better prepare yourself for what you will encounter when you seek "help" in California--because odds are you're not going to get any. California may be referred to as "the land of fruits and nuts," but it's known as the Court Corruption Capitol of the world. As a woman marginalized by crime, it'll feel more like the born-again Babylon of Western Civilization--especially if you become ensnared in or rely on its "system."

Don't expect to find an outpouring of help or compassion. Don't expect to find much lawfulness, either. DO expect to find a lot of biased-induced apathy, extensive corruption and near-constant exploitation. Of course, there will be exceptions--though few and far between: San Francisco seems to try, as well as a few small counties, anywhere else and you're as good as dead. Because in CA: law doesn't matter; you don't matter; your children don't matter.

What matters in California is how much funding can be illegaly seized to generate a profitable industry that does nothing beyond building websites and bilking the tax-paying public. It is a well-oiled propaganda machine intentionally designed to deceive and appease the public. It delivers illusion, fraud, deception--not services, law enforcement or a criminal justice response.


JAILING CRIME VICTIMS!?!? FEMALE VICTIMS OF CRIME!?!? think it can't happen? Think it doesn't? Think again. Over 11,000 women are imprisoned in California's State Prisons--most are victims of domestic violence, many are jailed for crimes THEIR BATTERERS COMMITTED AGAINST THEIR CHILDREN & THEM. Read that again. In California, if you are women who has been a victim of domestic violence or other violent crime, odds are good you're going to jail. Odds are even better if you're a protective mother who's asserted her constitutional rights and stood up to a RICO-acting rogue judge. Many violent misogynists hide behind the bench and put their pathological hatred for women and disdain for children above everything--including the law. Judges know when women and children are being brutally battered, but judges like these just don't give a damn: violence is far more alluring. What better way to harm a protective mother than jail her while you harm her child? Read California activist Valerie Nixon's "Tips and Pointers for Moms Who may Face Incarceration" for illegal incarceration preparation. Visit Free Battered Women, this site's CPS & Color and Favorite Links pages for more information.


FIT CALIFORNIA MOTHERS LOSE CUSTODY TO ABUSERS Women's enews correspondent, Pamela Burke's groundbreaking article about Fit Calif. Moms Losing Custody to Abusive Dads. Article highlights statistics indicating California fathers with a history of child abuse, domestic violence or criminal behavior are often granted sole custody of their children in contested cases.